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  • Tiguar PU dumbbell, 22.5 kg TI-WHPU0225

Prekės kodas: TI-WHPU0225

Turimas kiekis: Sandėlyje

Gamintojas: Tiguar



  • Tiguar dumbbells are made of durable, high-quality PU polyurethane resistant to mechanical damage.
  • The tiguar PU dumbbells line is characterized by straight bars of the same length - 15.2 cm - and a knurled surface, thanks to which polyurethane tiguar dumbbells guarantee a secure grip during exercises, regardless of the weight selected.

  • Dumbbells are available in 20 weights: from 2.5 kg to 50 kg (in 2.5 kg increments).
  • Warranty: 24 months
Gamintojas Tiguar
Kategorija Accessories
Lytis Men, Women
Medžiaga Polyurethane
Produkto tipas Training equipment
Spalva Juoda
Sportas Training
Subkategorija Dumbbell