Sporto įranga

Fitness Rubber SMJ EX008 7kg 6 * 10 * 1100Latex rubber with two handles is a device for exercising t..
GRANITE STORM 62013 cover with a strap You don' t need a lot of accessories to practice yoga - ..
MAT YOGA METEOR 180x60x0.5 cm Features: The mat is an essential tool for anyone practicing yoga. ..
ALLRIGHT weight rope with a steel rope A steel skipping rope with plastic handles is an excellent ..
Leather jump rope SPOKEY QUICK SKIP III 838537 Features: leather skipping rope from SPOKEY has w..
HMS MFK02 exercise mat Features: The MFK02 fitness mat is the perfect workout product. Works grea..
Gym ball 65 cm + pump Features: suitable for all levels of exercise increases muscle strength an..
Features: Allright skipping rope perfect for home training made of nylon Material: nylon Colo..
Allright leather jump rope with 2.4 m bearing Ball-bearing leather rope with wooden handles is an ..
A set of Power Spokey resistance training bands 3 pcs. 928949 A set of Spokey training bands is the ..
Neoprene dumbbell EB FIT 1.5 kg blue 1029245 Properties: The EB FIT neoprene dumbbell is perfect for..
Properties: diameter - 85 cm weight - 1500g useful during relaxation and stretching activities irrep..