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ABS MASTER PRO muscle stimulator ABS Master Pro is your personal way to build a perfect figure. It..
Spokey Leda massage wheel 928 923 The Spokey wheel is a versatile massaging device. It will be usefu..
The Body Sculpture power ball mini BM 505 vibrating massager is ideal for relaxing tense or painful..
Properties: tiguar duo ball 24/12 cm (HARD) is characterized by high hardness and is intended for ..
The Powerball duo vibrating massager with the BM 508 cover by Body Sculpture is perfect for relaxin..
Spokey Erna double massage ball blue 928904 Properties: Duoball Spokey is an accessory that helps to..
Spokey Davo 928922 roller massagerProperties:Spokey self-massaging roller designed to loosen tense m..
Schildkrot Spin Ball 960121 massager Shildkrot training equipment intended primarily for athletes ..
Schildkrot massage balls green 960151 Schildkrot massage ball set. Intended for massage of variou..
Roller foot warm / cold Massage sore feet after a hard day. Roller is great for relieving pain due..
Massage ball EB FIT 13 cm Properties: massage ball made of high quality plastic Material: material C..
Ecowellness QM 123 neck massager The QM 123 neck massager by Ecowellness will help you to loosen the..