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The child pulls you to the park to play in the playground? He loves spending time swinging on a swing? Remember how important the swing was for you in your grandparents' garden or in the yard. It was there that in the games with peers you made important decisions, learned to work in a group. Make your child' s dream come true and turn the garden into a favorite playground today.

Swing Swing by Gardenluxus is a guarantee of your child' s smile, as well as unparalleled help in its proper psychophysical development.

For you it' s probably just a place for a swing. Did you know that it happens that an enchanted space vehicle stops in your garden? The faster the pilot swings, the faster it travels the universe. Children' s imagination is limitless, you can help him develop it.

Playing on the playground has the same benefits for your child. Physical exercises improve circulation and metabolism, improve agility and respiratory efficiency, develop coordination, speed, strength and endurance. The child will have more energy. You will see how his immunity will improve, and thus will be healthier than his colleagues who spend most of their time at home in front of the TV or computer.

Fun in the company of peers will make your child acquire and strengthen the qualities useful in adult life. Become more confident in the group, learn to solve conflicts, cooperate with others, develop social competences, and better assess their abilities.

The child will spend a good time playing not only with his peers. Family fun is the basis in building mutual relations and trust.

Gardenluxus playgrounds are made of steel. This guarantees the highest durability and lower operating costs, because other materials require regular maintenance.

Safety is our priority. Playgrounds have certificates in accordance with restrictive standards in force in the European Union. It is important, however, that children use the kit only under adult supervision.

Technical data:

- A minimum layer of cushioning material under the swing (e.g. sand): 30 cm
- Maximum load: 50 kg
- Intended use: for children over 3 years of age for private use
- Warranty: 2 years

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