• Step Tiguar gray V2
  • Step Tiguar gray V2

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The cult step tiguar has been loved by fitness instructors and their pupils all over the world. It was there that the most famous fitness presenters conducted their unforgettable master classes at all the largest fitness conventions in Europe. It is our great joy and pride and the great history of our brand, which thanks to such pearls as tiguar step, has gained recognition and popularity in the fitness industry. This step, 100% produced in Poland, is the result of five years of our work on every detail. Stability with every movement, flexibility to protect the joints and spine, durability, functionality and an appetizing design. We managed to achieve all of this with the goal of creating the best step on the market. The maximum benefits of tiguar step Step dance classes are a thrilling, intense form of movement that fitness enthusiasts all over the world love. Our step is also dedicated to those who want to do effective strengthening training with the use of step. That is why in our project we also included a system of six handles, thanks to which you can perform training using tiguar maxi tube tubing, so that the investment in the purchase of this equipment makes even more sense for each exercising person. To increase the number of possibilities during your training, we have also designed special step pads that allow you to raise it by two levels (20 and 24 cm) or change its angle and use it as a bench. The washers are sold separately. We also improved one of the most important elements - the step mat. After months of testing and searching, we found optimal solutions that ensure a completely new quality. In addition to the refreshed design, the step mat has also gained new characteristics and technical specifications. We made it of TPE, a material similar to rubber with unique advantages - TPE is odorless, anti-allergic (latex-free), non-slip and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to this - as the experts with whom we consulted the production process have repeatedly emphasized - the foot perfectly sticks to the mat, and performing choreography on the step is extremely comfortable. It is also the only steppe with a skin-friendly surface for the hands and forearms. We are proud to announce that all tiguara steps ordered from now on are now available with a new generation mat. tiguar step together with the workout mat is perfect for training with power gym and power gym butterfly barbells. Check out our ready-made power exclusive set that includes everything you need for cardio and amplification. Step dimensions: width: 42 cm height: 15 cm length: 98 cm color: gray, plum, graphite Warranty period: 48 months (step) 24 months (for rubber elements) How to exercise with the tiguar step? Watch the exercise video! Professional recommendation When I enter the convention hall and see the tiguara steppes - my enthusiasm grows right from the start. Visually, it falls in love with you at first glance, but more importantly - beautiful appearance goes hand in hand here with the highest quality! It does not slip, it is very solidly made and I know that I can always trust this quality - throughout the whole lesson we are like two synchronized halves. I did step lessons on many different models, but for me the absolute number one is always TIGUAR STEP! DOROTA SZCZYPKA fitness presenter, Fitnessia Step & Dance School trainer, Fitmotion Event Step organizer has many faces. Personally, I use it for various forms of classes: aerobic choreography, functional choreography, strong training and intervals, and classic, static reinforcement. Tiguar step is suitable for all of the above-mentioned forms. Its size, shape, durability and texture are so universal that they allow for safe and interesting carrying out of various training options. I recommend! PATRYK TOMASZEWSKI, owner of Sport & Photography Patryk Tomaszewski, group training instructor, personal trainer, yoga and pilates teacher, international trainer and fitness presenter

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